Arc Glide

Optimize your plasma investment with superior torch height control

The ArcGlide THC builds on more than 40 years of Hypertherm's experience in the cutting industry. Designed to deliver optimized performance with minimal operator input, the ArcGlide THC provides superior performance and reliability for plasma applications while reducing the cost of cutting.



Edge Pro

EDGE Pro shape cutting control

The Edge Pro CNC Builds on more than 40 years of Hypertherm's experience in the cutting industry. Designed to be flexible and easy to use, the EDGE Pro delivers reliable performance for the improved profitability. Using Phoenix software, this CNC improves cut quality and productivity by delivering our expertise directly to your factory, making it as if you have your best operator on every shift.


Heavy Cut Technology

A Victor Thermal Dynamics integrated plasma system delivers the dynamic real-time process control required to make quality cuts consistently. And with HeavyCut technology, precision performance is extended on mild steel up to 2" (50mm).



HyPerformance Plasma delivers HyDefinition cut quality with greater consistency, faster cut speeds, longer consumable life and half the operating cost of competing technologies. With over ten thousand systems in use worldwide, it is clear that HyPerformance Plasma is the system of choice for customers that demand performance they can count on.

True Hole

Patent pending True Hole** cutting technology for mild steel is a specific combination of cutting parameters that is optimized for each material thickness and hole size. Taper is virtually eliminated and the ding is reduced and biased to the outside of the hole, down to a 1:1 diameter to thickness ratio. True Hole technology produces up to a 50% improvement in mild steel hole cylindricity when compared to other plasma systems available on the market


The Newest in design from Integrated Cutting Systems. PROCUT 126 is engineered for you to obtain the highest standards in plasma cutting required in today's fast paced and competitive market. The PROCUT 126 high-density cutting centre combines the finest designs in numeric controls, plasma system, servo drives and motion mechanics available. Components are interfaced using serial communications for consistent and effortless cutting parameters, ensuring quality and precision. At 200 Amps the PROCUT 126 offers superior cutting capacity from gauge thickness to in excess of 1 inch (25.4mm) in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials

Plasma Systems
  • KALIBURN® FINELINE 200PC high-density plasma system
  • 200 Amps cutting current at 100% duty cycle
  • Dual gas water-cooled torch (1.5 US GPM closed loop)
  • 3-phase input, 16.7KVA 208/230/380/415/460/600 VAC
  • 400 Ampere IGBT chopper transistor for exceptional reliability
  • Parameters for plasma torch are set via front panel mounted keyboard and graphic display
  • Sets and stores plasma torch parameters by material type and thickness
  • Heavy wall tubular frame support table
  • Adjustable leveling pads
  • One-piece construction for ease of installation
  • Zoned smoke extraction system.
  • Aluminum box beam for greater stability and less mass than conventional gantry machines
  • Linear rails and guide blocks in all three planes of motion
Numeric Control
  • ProMotion® 2000 NT CNC-control
  • 12.1 inch TFT SVGA Colour flat panel display
  • Retractable keyboard with armrest
  • Front panel mounted joystick and speed potentiometer
  • Two industrial grade Intel® Pentium CPU 233 MHz / 32Mb
  • Over 60 preprogrammed internal shapes
  • Able to read DXF, EIA, ESSI, and ROBO codes
  • Automatic lead-in and lead-out
  • Plate alignment
Height Control
  • KALIBURN® INOVA torch height control
  • Servomotor controlled for positioning speeds up to 600 ipm
  • Initial height positioning with preprogrammed parameters
  • Programmable partial raise permits a retraction distance between 0 inches and full raise
  • Arc voltage control limiting to prevent torch damage during kerf crossing